October Project

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October Project 3.0 is one of the fabulous annual event presented by Himabis FIA UB. On this year, This event carry the theme “Timeless Market and Arthibition”. So, we invite all of the visitors to find out any stands like fashion and culinary, while enjoying the arthibition and life music performances that can bring the atmosphere of the glorious eras and also we invite you who own business in Fashion, Culinary, and Art to join our Timeless Market and Arthibition. With joining us would definitely lift up your products! And there’s special offering for the quickest one. Its limited and register now!

Tenant application and Term & Condition download at  here

For further information :
  081232117226 / line : namirayekti || 08992011233 / line : rakkaadittya
 Instagram : @octoproject_
 Twitter : @octoproject_
   OA Line : @ZXC3439x



So, Mark your calendar on October !!!


“Turn Back Time.”


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